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Logo Usage and Downloads

One of the most important factors in the success of Garrett-Evangelical's identity program is consistent implementation of its logo. Adherence to these guidelines will increase the effectiveness of the program for the entire institution.

Logo Usage Guidelines

Logo Description

Garrett-Evangelical’s logo consists of three parts: Smith Tower, “Garrett,” and “Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.”  The word “Garrett” is written using font type Bembo regular. The Seminary’s full name, “Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary” is written using font type Garamond italics.  The tagline, “Bold Leaders for the Church and the World” is written using font type Garamond italics. 



The official color of Garrett-Evangelical is purple.

For print use:

  • Spot color (coated and uncoated paper): PMS (Pantone® Matching System) 267c
  • Process color (CMYK): 89c, 100m, 0y, 0k

For web use:

  • RGB color: R = 89, G = 17, B = 142

  • Hexadecimal: 59118E



The logo is a single element. Smith Tower and the words "Garrett” and “Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary” should always appear together.  It is preferred that the tagline “Bold Leaders for the Church and the World” appear but pending one’s needs this is optional.


The size of the logo should not compromise the readability of the logo. The tower within the logo should be at least 1 and 1/4 inches in length.


Enough space should be allowed around the logo. Text or images above the logo should be no closer than half the diameter of the tower. Text or images to the side or below the logo should be no closer then half the diameter of the tower.


The logo should appear in one color only. If possible, use purple. If not, use the strongest color available. Do not use different colors for the different elements of the logo.

Logo-with-Two-Colors   Logo-with-Two-Color-Tower

The full logo should always be shown. The logo should never be cropped or used as a design element.

Logo-Partial   Logo-as-Watermark

The overall proportion of the logo should always be maintained. The logo should not be compressed or expanded.

Logo-Height   Logo-Width

The logo should always be legible. The logo may overprint a solid background, but it should not appear over type, images, or gradient backgrounds. It should not be used as a decorative background element.

Logo-over-Picture   Logo-on-Scale

The logo should not be placed in a box or any other containing shape.

Logo-with-Border   Logo-with-Rounded-Border

Download Logos

Please refer to the guidelines above before downloading any files.

To download any file, right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac).

For print use:

For web use:

For Microsoft Powerpoint:

If you have any questions or if you need a special file size or format, please e-mail