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Job Board

Post Date Title Type Category Locationsort descending Denomination
3/31/2015 Director of Children's Ministries Full-Time Children's Ministry Birmingham, Alabama United Methodist
3/30/2015 Director of Student Ministry Full-Time Youth Ministry Mobile, Alabama United Methodist
3/30/2015 Director of High School Ministries Full-Time Youth Ministry Birmingham , Alabama United Methodist
3/31/2015 School Chaplain and Church Curate Full-Time Other Oakland, California Anglican/Episcopalian
3/31/2015 Christian Education Director Full-Time Christian Education Des Moines, Iowa Presbyterian (PCUSA)
3/31/2015 Director of Children's and Youth Education Full-Time Christian Education Oak Park, Illinois United Methodist
3/31/2015 Minister with Youth and Children Part-Time Youth Ministry Chicago, Illinois Baptist
3/30/2015 Coordinator of Senior Youth Part-Time Youth Ministry Mackinaw, Illinois United Methodist
3/30/2015 Christian Education Coordinator Part-Time Christian Education Downers Grove , Illinois Presbyterian (PCUSA)
3/30/2015 Congregational and Community Relations Coordinator Full-Time Non-Profit Chicago, Illinois Other
3/30/2015 Youth Director Full-Time Youth Ministry Winnetka , Illinois Nondenominational
3/30/2015 Director of Children's Ministry Full-Time Children's Ministry Rockford, Illinois United Methodist
3/30/2015 Director of Connect Ministries Part-Time Other Palatine , Illinois United Methodist
3/30/2015 Assistant Director of Children & Family Ministry Part-Time Children's Ministry LeGrange, Illinois United Methodist
3/31/2015 Youth Ministry Intern Internship Youth Ministry Deerfield , Illinois United Methodist
3/31/2015 Operations Director Full-Time Administrative Ministry Chicago, Illinois Other
3/31/2015 Administrative Assistant Part-Time Administrative Ministry Wilmette, Illinois Baptist
3/31/2015 Worship Coordinator Full-Time Music Ministry Chicago, Illinois Presbyterian (PCUSA)
3/31/2015 Connectional Minister of Children and Families Full-Time Christian Education Indianapolis , Indiana United Methodist
3/30/2015 Director of Ministries with Youth and Children Part-Time Youth Ministry Baton Rouge, Louisiana United Methodist