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Director of Children's and Youth Education

Status: Full Time
Reports to:  Pastor

Position Summary:

First United Methodist Church of Oak Park is looking for a full time Director of Children and Youth Ministries. The Director will develop and lead educational and ministerial programs for all children and youth at First United Methodist Church of Oak Park (“FUMC Oak Park”), including collaboration with various church committees as necessary and appropriate, relative to the growth of children and youth in the United Methodist faith.  This position may also assist the pastor with other clergy responsibilities. Undergraduate degree in Christian Education, Master’s Degree in Christian Ed or certification through the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry in this area highly preferred. Teaching experience is strongly encouraged. Deacons will be given preference.

Send resumes to:, Re: “Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries.”

Essential Functions:

Model in his/her own life a mature, personal walk with Christ for children and youth to observe and emulate.

In collaboration with the Education Committee, and/or other church leaders, the Director of Christian Education for Children and Youth “(Director”) will oversee the spiritual development and discipleship of the children and youth throughBible study, community-based missions and service, fun and fellowship. It shall be the Director’s responsibility to:

  • oversee the development of youth led worship services. (The number of youth led services will be determined in collaboration with the pastor);
  • work with the pastor on the confirmation program;
  • develop children and youth involvement in the church musical programs, including but not limited to, encouraging and expanding opportunities for children to sing in worship, in collaboration with the Director of Music Ministries;
  • Provide leadership and recruit volunteers for the following special events:
    • Rally Day;
    • Christmas pageant and seasonal outreach activities;
    • Easter Sunday program and participation in worship;
    • Teacher appreciation Sunday;
    • Summer Vacation Bible School  (see page 2 of description).

Integrate children and youth into the life of FUMC of Oak Park

  • Celebrating milestones and providing support for young people in school, sports, and artistic activities;
  • Identifying opportunities for children and youth to participate fully in the life of the church in worship, service, committees, and caring for others;
  • develop trusting relationships in which spiritual growth can occur with children, youth and their parents.

Foster a Culture of Welcome and Invitation.

It is expected that the Director will work to intentionally and affirmatively conduct himself/herself in a manner that communicates FUMC Oak Park’s philosophy of openness and welcome, so that all may come to know Christ.  This may include:

  • Plan and lead events that will allow us to meet families we don’t currently know (using the Farmer’s Market, Soccer games, etc.) and plan and lead events for the congregation to invite children and youth and their families;
  • Provide attendance sheets in each classroom, contact visitors who have children and youth in Sunday school and other church events, follow up with families who have been absent;
  • Network within the community;
  • Attend community and school events in which our youth and children are present;
  • Develop, plan and lead a robust Vacation Bible School during the summer months


  • It is essential that the Director stay in contact with the parents of children and youth and youth members through emails, phone calls, Facebook, text messages, or other means that work for parents/members. It is expected that all communications will be delivered in a timely fashion;
  •  Keep the youth and children sections of the FUMC web page and Facebook page up to date;
  • Communicate appropriate youth activities, achievements, and involvement in community activities of note to the congregation as a whole;
  • Submit articles to the church newsletter and announcements for the Sunday bulletin;
  • Keep the church calendar up to date as regards youth ministry activities.

Promote good stewardship of church resources

  • Oversee the children and youth ministries portion of the church budget and the special funds of the children and youth ministry;
  • Order supplies for programs and special events;
  • Monitor weekly the physical environment of classrooms to ensure their safety and cleanliness and that proper equipment is available;
  • Oversee the planning and leading of youth fundraisers.

Implement safe sanctuary practices in all activities of FUMC Oak Park

  • Orient all volunteers who work with children and youth and other church leaders to the safe sanctuary policy;
  • Do background checks on volunteers working with children and youth;
  • Recommend changes and updates to child protection policies and practices (in collaboration with Pastor).


  • Christian Education undergraduate degree, master’s degree or certification through the Board of Higher Education in Ministry in this area of strongly preferred;
  • Personal faith in God through Christ and a passion for working with children and youth;
  • Experience in leadership (paid or volunteer) in a Christian children’s/youth ministry program;
  • Ability to help youth and children connect in meaningful ways with the church and to grow in their discipleship of Christ. United Methodist specialty certification in Children’s/Youth Education is strongly encouraged;
  • Desire to work in a United Methodist Church that is intentionally welcoming of people of all ages, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, socio-economic backgrounds, gender identities, and physical and mental abilities;
  • Pass background check;
  • Be at least 22 years old;
  • Team player, self-starter, energetic, well organized, caring and compassionate listener, creative and flexible;
  • Physical ability to do the work required:
    • walk up and down stairs (building is not fully accessible)
    • see, hear, speak well enough to communicate effectively
    • lift approximately 15 pounds
Start Date: 
Monday, February 9, 2015
Oak Park
First United Methodist of Oak Park
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