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Costs and Financial Aid

Garrett-Evangelical continues to seek ways to make seminary affordable for all by providing over $2.5 million in scholarship aid each year, with scholarships ranging from 25%-100% tuition with stipends.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees (2014-2015)

For Specific Rates and Fees

Masters Level Classes

Each Credit Hour $600
Three-Hour Course $1,980
To Audit a Three-Hour Course $235


Doctor of Philosophy Classes

Each Credit Hour $1,195
Three-Hour Course $3,585


Application & Matriculation Fees

Application Fee $75
Technology Fee $55
Matriculation Fee (Not for Auditors) $80


On Campus Housing

Based on 9 months in residence; students may also apply for housing for the summer
Garrett Residence Hall $3,650 - $4650
Garrett-Owned Apartments $6,957 - $9,990


Health Insurance

All students enrolled in six credit hours or more and all Ph.D. students through the second year of coursework are required to have hospitalization insurance, either a current policy that will continue to provide coverage during tenure as a student or a policy purchased through Northwestern University. Verification of such health insurance must be made each academic year. 


Garrett-Evangelical is committed to financially supporting its students with scholarships that recognize academic ability, background, and need. Generous support from our alumni/ae and friends allows the Seminary to support you in this community act of Christian stewardship.

Currently, the Seminary offer five different types of scholarships: Leadership, Honor, International, Pan-Methodist, and Need-Based. Scholarships range from 25% of tuition to 100% of tuition plus stipend. Students applying for admission to the MDiv, MTS or MA degree programs are automatically evaluated for scholarship eligibility. To be eligible for our full-tuition scholarships, students must apply to a master’s program by February 1 for the following fall.

Scholarships are based on full-time enrollment (11 or more credit hours). Some scholarships and all federal financial aid may be based on part-time enrollment (6 - 10 credit hours). Students registered less than part-time (0-5 credit hours) are not eligible for financial aid.

ELIZA GARRETT SCHOLARSHIP – Full tuition plus $10,000 stipend
Named for our founder, the Eliza Garrett Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship with an annual $10,000 stipend. All applicants for the fall term with an undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or above are considered. One Eliza Garrett Scholarship is given each year.

Leadership awards range from 55%-100% of tuition plus stipend.

Honor awards range from 30%-50% of tuition.

Within the Leadership and Honor Scholarships, master degree applicants are eligible for the a number of special scholarships which range from 30%-100% of tuition, depending on a student’s academic record, leadership qualities, and promise for ministry. For a full listing of our special scholarships, click here.

14% of our student body is comprised of students from around the globe. These scholarships are for at least 50% of tuition.

Pan-Methodist scholarships are available to certain denominationally identified students. Students must meet admission requirements and fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Scholarships range from 25% to 100% of tuition. 

For entering and returning students who demonstrate financial need through the FAFSA form. Registration for a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester required. Scholarship is for 25% of tuition.

Federal Aid and Other Resources

Garrett-Evangelical participates in the following federal programs: Federal Direct Stafford Loans,
Federal Perkins Loans and Federal Work Study. Please use this Financial Aid Checklist to help you through the various steps in order to receive your federal financial aid monies.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

In order to be eligible for federal resources, a student must be a resident of the United States, registered at least half-time, and complete the FAFSA each year.

Garrett-Evangelical's FAFSA school code: G01682

Websites with further information for students interested in borrowing federal funds:

Other Resources

Grants available from resources outside the seminary include the local church, denominations, and a variety of organizations and agencies. Some sources to check:

United Methodist Resources

United Methodist members may be eligible for various grants, loans and/or conference funds. For example:

United Methodist Conference Resources

United Methodist members may be eligible for various grants, loans and/or conference funds. For example:

  • Annual Conference Funds
    • Certified candidates should contact their individual conferences for information on funding available
  • Ministerial Education Fund
    • Certified candidates should contact their individual conferences for information on funding available