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Timothy Eberhart

Schaeffer 715

Assistant Professor of Theology and Ecology

I believe that amidst the innumerable manifestations of sin and evil in our world that lead to death, the triune God is actively working to free and empower all people to share in the ways that lead to life in the whole of our personal and common life together. My vocation as a moral theologian ordained in The United Methodist Church is based in the commitment to guide others--as I seek myself--to better understand and more faithfully participate in this divine work of redemption, justice, reconciliation, and healing in relation to the many socio-political, economic, and ecological perils facing us today. What and how I teach is therefore oriented toward promoting "holiness of heart and life" (Wesley) in the overlapping spheres of everyday living, academic reflection, congregational gathering, and public engagement. This requires asking critical questions of the theological frameworks we draw upon in moral discernment as well the "God-concepts" that are implicit in the social structures we live within and work to transform. What are the implications of one's understandings of Christ and salvation for the earth and its many creatures? How might ancient notions of divine power be operative within the modern market economy? Does the church have unique resources to offer in addressing the violence in our world? I find such questions both intellectually and personally challenging and strive to create a learning environment in which everyone is invited to engage them--and to ask questions of their own--from the perspective of their particular backgrounds and contexts.