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Pam Holliman

Pfeiffer 133

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Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Psychotherapy

My teaching is rooted in the reality that ministry is primarily a relational vocation. The call of clergy is centered in the revelation of a relational God. Working with others in ways that are redemptive, healing, and transformative forms the heart of parish life. Academic and practical work in pastoral care and counseling from a relational and depth perspective provide an opportunity for students to grapple with the complexity of human experience in ways that support hope and faith. My goal is to help students focus their enthusiasm, compassion, and empathy to be more effective in their work with others. In doing so, students may come to a deeper appreciation of their life experience, gifts and limits. My commitment to pastoral care and counseling is based in faith that in the moments of deepest joy as well as those of the most fearful circumstances, God is with us.