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Jack Seymour

Pfeiffer 131

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Professor of Religious Education

In a world, and even in a church, where division and mistrust are too often the reality, "glimpses" of hope do break through, calling us to community. Religious education begins by witnessing to those glimpses of God's grace, hope, and justice. Religious education seeks to build communities of faith in the midst of difference. Therefore, key themes in my work include practical theological reflection, teaching the way of Jesus, exploring how cultural contexts affect faith learning, interfaith religious education, and witnessing to the impact faith has in public life. My recent publications are efforts at practical theological reflection connecting the theology of the people of God with biblical and theological reflection on the "way of Jesus." I seek to listen to people of God as they encounter grace and, through theological reflection in faith community, are empowered to follow Jesus into God's transforming ministries. Outside the seminary, I serve as editor of the interfaith and intercultural educational journal Religious Education for the Religious Education Association: An Association of Professors, Practitioners, and Researchers in Religious Education. Working with persons of other faith communities has given me a profound respect for our mutual journeys to build a world of hope and for the ways we must partner in the healing of creation. I also serve as a consultant for the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning, seeking to assist faculty to grow as teachers in theological education.